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Tomasz Grzegorczyk


Joe Pacheco


José Manuel Garza


Malena Gonzalez

Meet Our Team

Tomasz Grzegorczyk :   I am a business-oriented scientist with more than 15 years of industry and consulting experience in the area of data analytics, data modeling, algorithm development, business development, and operation efficiency. I bring experience from academia (Research Scientist at MIT), small business (founder Delpsi LLC), and large corporation (Chief Scientist at BAE Systems). Comfortable with diverse, fast pace environments, and deadline driven projects.

Joe Pacheco: I am a solutions- oriented research and development engineer with more than 10 years of experience in data analyst, data modeling, machine learning, algorithm development and rapid prototyping of novel sensor technologies. I worked for MIT Lincoln Lab for nearly 10 years where I was involved in several urgent high-stakes projects. More recently, I have worked in the mobile health space on projects involving data analytics and sensor development. I enjoy tackling challenging and impactful problems in fast-paced environments.

José Manuel Garza: I am a consultant with more than 10 years of experience doing strategy/growth and operation improvement projects for a number of companies and industries. I worked for McKinsey & Company in the Mexico City and Boston offices, performing projects in the US, Central and South America. I have conducted go-to-market, pure strategic growth, operations transformation, strategic pricing and sourcing projects for fast moving consumer goods, pharma, governmental, light industrial goods companies among others. More recently, have worked as independent consultant advising a state government in the US, conducting a due-diligence for a venture capital firm, leading strategic purchasing projects for mining companies in Canada and in Mexico, a go-to-market and supply chain strategy initiative for a startup in the US, and a capacity modeling exercise for a non-profit in the US.

Malena Gonzalez: I am a business professional with more than 10 years of Industry and Consulting experience. My expertise is on Finance and Operations, making business decisions grounded on data. I’ve focused on projects involving account segmentation, financial planning and analysis, among others, blending finance, operations and data expertise.  I bring industry knowledge from large companies, such as Schneider Electric  (former Head of Finance of $1.5B Business) and startups (co-founder NutriCount). I am passionate about solving problems in fast pace environments.