Teranalytics.com | Solving strategic problems, powered by data and the dcience of management
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Our First Goal is to Help You Find Actionable Information Hidden in Your Data

Reveal data-driven Questions

Unlock the power of your data

Provide data-driven answers

Embrace AI in your industry

Map decisions to operation

Become an efficient data-driven company

Our Second Goal is to Help You Quickly Converge onto the Best Tool for Your Needs, & Deploy it at Minimal Costs


Fast iterations with your team to converge onto the best solution.


Deployment of a solution already validated by you.

What Sets Us Apart

We solve strategic problems grounded in the science of management, bringing data analytics to decision making. We partner up with our clients to solve their toughest problems by bringing cutting edge algorithms and management techniques; yet making sure the solution is easily implemented and assimilated in the organization.

Applications: forecasting, ROI estimation, revenue management, customer and patients segmentation, predictive estimation, clustering analysis, and more.

Data Analytics


Strategic Decision Making — Big Data Mining — Prediction & Forecasting


Core Competencies: Clustering & Classification, Linear
and Logistic Regression, Natural Language Processing,
Linear and Nonlinear Optimization

Expertise Across Industries

Shipment optimization is all about logistics, and logistics is all about data. Whether at a local, national, or international level, on land or on sea, data are transforming the industry and making it more efficient, more predictable, and more customer centric. Globalization has brought competition, and data bring the necessary level of sophistication for each company to maintain its competitive advantage.

Teranalytics brings expertise not only in data analytics and forecasting via machine learning algorithms, but also brings seasoned executives intimately familiar with the finance and logistics of supply chain and distribution networks. Success in this area depends less on using the best algorithm, and more on combining the right skills to understand the constraints and frame solutions adapted to each situation. Teranalytics has a proven record of success at all levels of shipment and distribution network optimization.

The almost ubiquitous availability of customer data and the advancement of data mining algorithms have profoundly transformed the field of Marketing. Beyond descriptive analytics, predictive and prescriptive analytics have made it possible to know what your customers will buy next, before they know it themselves.

Teranalytics brings expertise in using unsupervised clustering algorithms to perform customer segmentation, to find hidden patterns in data,  and to deduce actionable operational steps from the resulting conclusions. Your data may hold the key for your next product, your next marketing strategy, and your next competitive advantage. Our team of experts, across data analytics and marketing, helps you reveal the information you may not realize you have.

Data analytics shines when it comes to forecasting: data, powerful algorithms, and domain expertise  are the three pillars to become an efficient data-driven company that outcompetes its peers. Economic forecasting is different, however, because it involves externalities: not only inward facing data are necessary (sales, various indices, etc) but also outward facing data that are specific to the markets being considered (eg. a country GDP, prices of oil, etc).

Teranalytics has built models that combine time series analysis with machine learning forecasting to ingest data, project important indicators into the future, and recombine them to estimate your company expected sales in a given market. We create online interfaces that are entirely custom built to fit your problem and to provide you with full control of the model parameters so that you can test, validate, and experiment with your data in order to create high fidelity forecasts.

Healthcare is one of be the industries being most disrupted by analytics and machine learning. From operation research to forecast of medical outcome, the amount and availability of data are enabling solutions at almost every step of a patient journey. Why is it so significant? Because in fact everybody wins: the patients who receive more personalized care, the doctors who are able to better serve and follow their patients, and the insurance companies who better control costs.

Teranalytics has been partnering with large pharmaceutical companies and clinics to develop medical forecasting tools, from detection and forecasting of early disease onsets to prediction of medical diagnosis and outcome. Working with top medical advisors, and closely working with you, we can help you leverage all your patients data in order to create best-in-class self-learning and  continuously improving tools that will benefit your patients health and your positioning as a healthcare institution.